NEBEMS is CLOSED effective June 30, 2018.



Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances provide transport to patients who are seriously ill or injured and require our most advanced level of training and support.


Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances provide transport to patients who do not require advanced level of training or support.


Either a BLS or an ALS ambulance is staffed and provided to “standby” for any sporting event, special event, mass gatherings, or local community events.


We recognize times are changing, which is why we are pleased to introduce ourselves as an American Safety & Health Institute approved training center!

NEBEMS Closing

It comes with great sadness to formally announce the Board of Directors at Northeastern Berks Emergency Medical Service (NEBEMS), Inc. has decided to cease all emergency response operations. Over the next thirty (30) days, NEBEMS will begin the process of closing down the organization and all operations.  Northeastern Berks EMS wants to inform everyone that we have already been in contact with our surrounding agencies, Eastern PA EMS Council, and Berks County Department of Emergency Services and your 911 emergency medical service will continued with as little impact as possible.

“Keeping the community at the forefront of our mission!” was the core of Northeastern Berks EMS, and it was this core that brought us to settle in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.  From our initial founders and Board of Directors, to our employees and volunteers, to our Medical Director; we all believed Northeastern Berks EMS would have made a positive change within Kutztown and the surrounding area.  In addition to providing supplemental emergency resources to those existing in the area, it was our belief that over time we also proved that we could provide a quicker response to those in need of medical attention and furthermore, do it at a lower cost.

It wasn’t just our team that made this organization succeed as far as it did but was attributed to an amazing network of organizations and companies that believed in our mission, and our goals as a startup EMS organization. Northeastern Berks EMS was not at all a pop-up new organization. The initial planning of the organization started around mid 2014, with the very first public presentation done with nothing more than a detailed business plan.  Throughout the following two and a half years, our team was public, present, and providing continuous updates of the progression of our organization.  Through this time NEBEMS complied with all requests and followed all protocols asked by municipalities, but it was also this time that we stood our ground.  It was this perseverance that our leaders hoped would show that we took our operation very seriously.

During our one (1) year and four (4) months of of 911 emergency medical response operations, our organization has been dispatched over 496 times and treated nearly 400 patients.  Each time providing compassionate, professional, and skilled care. Even though our service is coming to an end, each and everyone of us at Northeastern Berks EMS feels honored that, even if for a brief time, we had the opportunity to provide those residents and visitors to Kutztown and the surrounding area and EMS organization that was truly focused on the best interest of those we served.